About Us

The Next Generation in Digital Media

Digitality Works is a leading provider of digital media and online newsstand solutions since 2009. We provide an innovative platform that engages your audience on any web enabled device.

The Digitality Works management team comes from an extensive background in publishing and technology – bringing together unique complimentary skillsets to provide the best possible solutions.

True Multi-Device Technology

With the rapidly evolving mobile/tablet market, readers are dependent on handheld points of access for information on the go. The Digitality Works platform dynamically supports all devices such as:
  • iPad/iPhone
  • Android (tablets & smartphones)
  • BlackBerry (tablet & smartphones)
  • Windows Mobile
  • PC/Mac
An Entirely Web-Based Solution

With a single click of a URL – your readers are instantly connected to the digital version of your publication on any device with web access – no apps to download and no browser plug-ins required.

Unmatched Platform Flexibility

The Digitality Works platform extends flexibility and customization options to partner publications unlike any other digital media provider. We'll work with you to make your digital edition truly yours.

Amazing Multimedia Integration

Enhancing the reader experience in ways that print simply can't is what we're all about. The Digitality Works platform is totally multimedia and social media enabled - whether it's video and/or audio - we can integrate rich media in a seamless, high quality fashion. The integration of rich media content enhances the reading experience resulting in increased audience engagement, thus providing an opportunity to build additional revenue streams.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Complimenting your print product(s) with a digital version, or moving to an online model entirely requires careful planning. Digitality Works will help ensure the success of your digital edition by maximizing exposure potential through SEO integration. All of our partner publications are fully search engine optimized to provide maximum exposure and additional conduit for publishers to expand scope.


All the intelligence you'll ever need – in one simple package. Publications using the Digitality Works platform benefit from comprehensive and valuable analytics such as open rates, click-through, geo-reporting, time spent, and much more.

Online Newsstand

Publishers can take advantage of added exposure, subscription revenue opportunities, and request circulation development via the Digitality Works Online Newsstand.

The Digitality Works Online Newsstand delivers robust e-commerce integration, reader account management, user authentication, bookmarking, and much more.

Ensuring Your Success!

Through our circulation management sister company – we'll put our 40+ years of collective experience to work – for you!

Digitality Works enables its partners to leverage this extensive industry "know-how" to make your digital edition a success!

Social Media Integration

Complete social media functionality is fully available to readers within the Digitality Works user interface.

Harness the full potential of social media – made available at the click of a button!

Developing Your Publications Reach & Broadening Your Revenue Potential

Digital distribution is recognized by media auditing firms and accepted as qualified circulation. Imagine - expanding your publications readership to serve an out-of-country audience, or expanding your reach into secondary markets, without having to sustain additional printing costs or the high cost of international postage...Digitality Works can help to make this a reality.

Our senior management team comes from an extensive publishing background. Our experience and intimate understanding of the publishing industry will supply a value-added consultative approach, providing an additional resource layer to make your digital edition a success.